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WA8YUL Repeater

The WA8YUL Repeater is the J.C.A.R.C. 2 meter repeater. Located in Jackson,Ohio,
this repeater easily covers most of Jackson County, as well as Chillicothe and Waverly to the West,
Gallipolis to the East, McArthur to the North, and Oak Hill to the South.
Output: 146.790 FM -
Input: 146.190
Tone: 167.9
The repeater is housed in a 5 foot cabinet. It consists of a Motorola GM300 radio for the receiver, a Motorola Maratrac radio for the transmitter, an Astron 50 amp rack mounted power supply, and a CAT repeater controller. Of course, a duplexer, antenna, and heliax with lightning protection complete the installation. It is has battery backup when commercial power fails.
Join us every Sunday night for our weekly VHF Net at
8:30 p.m. on the 146.790 repeater.

KD8EAD Repeater

Located in Ray, OH, this is the newest 2 Meter Repeater in Jackson County. The repeater is open for all to use, and is part of the Southern Ohio Radio Network. It provides coverage from Columbus to Lancaster and down towards Gallia County.

Output Freq: 147.015 FM +
Input Freq: 147.615
Tone: 100
Sunday at 8:00pm. is also the Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky Emergency Communications Net. This Net is to test personal equipment and Repeaters on the Central and Southeast Ohio UHF Network in the even of an Emergency or Severe Weather Event. This net is open to all Amateurs and it is encouraged that all hams in the area check in.
Athens 442.100           Bainbridge 443.625
Chillicothe 444.425     Hillsboro 443.075 PL 100.0
Jackson 442.225         Lancaster  443.875
Logan 443.125            McArthur  442.525
Oak Hill  444.1125      Pomeroy 44.050
Ray 443.1125              Stoutsville 442.200 PL 100.0
Wilgus 444.625           Ray  146.015+ PL 100

All Repeaters have a +5.00 MHz offset.

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